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Part of what makes Radix Branding Solutions different from the rest is our flexible approach to brand development. With thousands of customers served over the years, we have worked with companies of all different sizes, from brand new businesses to experienced and expanding enterprises. If your company has grown to the point of requiring extensive inventory, then our large volume capabilities are just what you need.
What is Large Volume Printing?


Large volume printing deals with orders that total up to thirty cases or more of a given product. While a small independent business – such as a single coffee shop or creamery – may not need these kinds of orders, they’re perfect for growing companies with multiple franchise locations. Due to the size of these orders, shipping times are usually 10-12 weeks from the point of approval and require a 50% deposit upon placement.

  • Paper Hot Cups
  • Food Bowls
  • Clear Plastic Cold Cups
  • Paper Cold Cups
  • Other Promotional Products


Most notably, our large volume orders offer significant discounts. We emphasize competitive pricing that allows you to create brilliant custom printed cups for what many big box retailers sell per unit of their blank beverage cups.
Radix also offers premier stocking options that help your business avoid inventory stress. When enrolled in our stocking program, your custom printed products are stored within our warehouse. From there, orders of your products can be quickly pulled and shipped to whatever store location needs them.
If you’re concerned with product shortages, we’ve got you covered. Base stock monitoring and backup cup printing contingency plans are in place to make sure your business won’t get stuck without cups and other products. Perhaps best of all, our online ordering portals allow your franchises to conveniently attain the inventory they need without navigating unnecessary hoops and hurdles.
Have a plan in place before you need help!


If your business is moving towards expansion and will have greater inventory needs, don’t delay! Our large volume printing capabilities and related programs can help you take the next step in the development of your brand!