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  • Low Minimums
  • Variety of Colors and Styles
Lids for Paper Hot Cups
Our assortment of hot cup lids are the perfect compliment for coffee cups. The standard lids are made with polystyrene, which offers a firm build with flexibility and a snug fit that locks tightly around cup rims of multiple sizes. Our Reliance lids – which are made with polypropylene – offer an equally impressive design that stays tightly in place and won’t crumble or crack under pressure. Best of all, all hot lids are made with recyclable materials for easy and safe disposal.
Lids for Plastic Cold Cups
When it comes to serving cold beverages – whether in the foodservice industry or as a simple offering during a business meeting – a high quality lid can often go overlooked. With Radix’s selection of plastic cup lids, your business can confidently and safely serve anything from beer to iced water. We also offer a wide variety of lid types, including dome lids that are excellent for refreshments like milkshakes or smoothies. Whatever type of lid you need, you can rest assured that it will stay on tight, resist cracks or bending, and keep spills to a minimum.
Lids for Paper Cold Cups
Our paper cold cup lids are perfect for turning cold beverages into carryout refreshments. Made with quality recyclable plastic, these lids fit firmly over paper cup rims to minimize potential spills. They also offer an opening at the top to accommodate straws. Most importantly, one of our lids fits on a variety of sizes – from 12oz to 24oz – offering you a versatile lid that works with most cups and saves you money as a result.
Lids for ECO-Friendly Cups
For companies that are committed to reducing the amount of plastic waste they produce, our selection of eco-friendly lids can contribute towards accomplishing that mission. Every eco-friendly cup lid is made with plant-based materials that can be safely disposed of in composting facilities. They also feature the same excellent qualities of our other cup lids, including a secure fit over cup rims, flexibility, durability, and versatility (like our Ingeo 10oz-24oz lid).