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Food Bowls and Lids


  • Printed in the USA
  • 4 Color Printing Available With 3 Max Colors on One Side
  • Hold Hot and Cold Foods

Custom printed food bowls provide a unique way for businesses to distinguish themselves from competitors, drive consumer engagement, and make an excellent addition to any marketing strategy. Not only do customized food containers allow companies to stand out with eye-catching designs and logos, but they also offer convenience that customers can appreciate. In addition, when delicious meals reach the hands of customers in such uniquely branded packaging, it reinforces the brand while creating a positive impression that builds loyalty and drives repeat business. Custom printed food bowls demonstrate thoughtfulness while reinforcing brand recognition – making them an incredibly powerful tool for any business looking to maximize their presence in the market.

Custom Printed Food Bowls
The time that customers spend enjoying a meal is the perfect moment to catch their attention. While savoring every bite and every flavor, they’ll get a great look at any company logo, campaign advertisement, or other custom design. Best of all, they feature an excellent interior lining that prevents leaks and are recyclable after the meal is finished.
Lids for Food Bowls
Giving customers the option of carryout can build brand awareness well outside the walls of any business. Fitting tightly over the rolled rims of matching food containers, these lids make carryout extra convenient and help showcase brand colors and logos to people throughout the area.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are custom printed bowls recyclable?
Yes, paper food bowls are recyclable. Even besides the paper, food bowls are designed using a plastic interior lining that works to prevent leaks. This plastic lining is also safely recyclable along with the rest of the paper bowl.
What are the benefits of using paper dessert cups?
Because they are safely disposable, paper dessert cups offer greater convenience than the task of repeatedly cleaning dishes. Paper cups also eliminate the risk of broken materials like glass and can be customized quickly and easily to promote businesses and their marketing efforts.